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For over 40 years, Canon Doors has supplied and installed security doors, shower screens, timber doors, wardrobes, fly screens, mirrors and all manner of building hardware and accessories. The majority of our products are made in our factory and supp...

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Service Heroes
Since you’d “love” to hear all about my experience, I’ll tell you. When I submitted my warranty claim I wrote that according to the electricians who installed the fan, a capacitor was blown. So of course you decided the best thing to do is tell your electrician the problem lies with the remote control. So when he arrived here, what was it? 3, 4 weeks after my claim, he was perfectly prepared to fix a problem with the remote control and I’m still without a light. Brilliant.
Richard, KILLARA, 2071
Taskforce 101
5 stars, they even found a gas leak.
Marc, HAMPTON, 3188
Service Heroes

Greg, REVESBY, 2212

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