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How to Clean Your Sealed Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is much coveted because it draws in warmth that can make a room feel more welcoming and comfortable. However, despite its lengthy history, people are still baffled about the best maintenance techniques. The root of the confusion is the number of hardwood types used for flooring, with each type requiring a special kind of care. Don’t be discourage to install hardwood flooring though because the maintenance is not quantum physics-ish.

For Premium Results, Hire A Professional

If the hardwood floor is yet to be installed or is currently being installed, ask the individual handling the job about proper maintenance. Make sure to hire a professional hardwood installer for quality results, and if he is a professional, he surely knows how to care for this type of flooring.

Some, unfortunately, were not around during the installation or have inherited generation old flooring (too late to ask the installers). They are not completely out of luck, though. For there are hardwood restoration experts Sydney who can give them guidance.

Engineered and Laminate Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood is not the easiest to clean. If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative with low-maintenance requirements, consider engineered or laminated wood. Their surfaces look like genuine wood but they don’t come with the inherent obstacles of natural wood. Both products can be cleaned effectively with a soft broom, dust mop or vacuum. You’ll be able to maintain allure by cleaning them twice or thrice a week.

Just like natural wood, they should not be immersed in water, so simply damp the mop before rubbing it against the flooring. Never sand or wax engineered and laminated hardwood. Prevent stains by wiping spills instantly, and maintain the shine by avoiding detergents. To make sure the floor will be cleaned properly, hire residential cleaners.

Standard Hardwood Cleaning

Most hardwood slabs sold today are urethane-sealed, but you can still find wax-sealed flooring in older buildings. For wax-sealed floors, cleaning can be more challenging because they are more susceptible to staining. You will also have to wipe a wet portion dry right away because wax-sealed floors are not as impervious to liquid as urethane-sealed floors.

Wax can build up and cover the natural sparkle of hardwood. This can be restored by sanding the floor and applying a new layer of wax over it.

Urethane-sealed Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The maintenance requirements of urethane-sealed hardwood floors is almost equal to that of engineered and laminate ones. However, these are still vulnerable to moisture, so you shouldn’t mop them to prevent damage. Never attempt to wax the floor for this can harm the existing finish. The attempt can void the warranty, too. Urethane-finishes are resilient but they are not 100% safe from damages. Clean frequently to prevent scratches. If you’re too busy for regular hardwood cleaning, hire home cleaners.

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