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What to Do When Asking for Electrician Quotes

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Electricians provide various services, and before they begin working a quotation will be given. You shouldn’t sign a contract right away; make sure you will get the quote is fair and that you will be get the best quality service for your money.

Some of the services that may require a quote from a licensed electrician are:

  • Electrical inspections
  • General maintenance
  • Fuse maintenance
  • Home re-wiring
  • Alarm system installation and repair
  • Air conditioning system installation and repair
  • Switchboard upgrades

What You Should Do When Asking a Quote

Provide accurate information about the work to be done

Think the project through to determine the specifics. Give all relevant information to the electrician and make sure each bit is accurate. Else, you may have to hire a tradesman again to complete a task you’ve overlooked. Since the cost is based mainly on the provision of expert services, you have should itemised all tasks to get a reasonable quote.

Check these things before making your mind:

Valid Licence

All electricians and electrical contractors in Australia are obliged to acquire a valid licence. No matter how small the project is, always ask for a valid licence because it is an indication of their integrity and expertise.

Correct Certifications and Qualifications

Some electricians are allowed to this, some are not. Make sure to hire an electrician who has the necessary certifications and qualifications to carry out the work you need. 

If they’re going to use a subcontractor, make sure they are allowed to carry the electrical work you need.

Are they Insured?

Electrical works can be dangerous, so it’s important the people who handle them are properly insured. Without this, you may have to shoulder the expenses for any accident or damage that occurred during the project.

Are they following the Australian Standards?

For an electrical work to be safe and valuable, the standards set by the Australian government must be followed all throughout the project. An experienced electrician should be able to determine and practice the local regulations relevant to the project.

Is there Pricing Itemised?

If the project includes several tasks, ask for a breakdown. Itemised pricing provides more transparency, which can keep you safe from surprise charges.

What Is their Warranty Period?

It’s nice to work with an electrician who is willing to follow up their work because it means they are confident about the quality of their results. Read and understand the finely-printed terms and conditions before signing a contract.

Ask for References

Read the client testimonials online. Whether there are testimonials or not, ask the tradesman for references. They should be able to provide the contact information of their previous clients.

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