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Revamp Your Nonfunctioning Fireplace

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We gather our family and friends around the fireplace to exchange stories and share delectable food and drinks. Even if it’s not functional anymore, you can still turn it into an interesting detail in the room. Here’s how to keep the fireplace a warm spot.

1. Prepare yourself: Protect yourself from the ash, paint and debris from the fireplace. Wear protective eyewear, gloves and work clothes. Lay down a tarpaulin or any old cloth on the floor around the fireplace.

2. Clean Your Fireplace: Clean the fireplace thoroughly before revamping it. Make sure to reach the every nook of the exterior and interior surfaces. Remove soot and other residue with your dustpan and broom. Finish up by vacuuming the surfaces to remove smidgens from the walls and floors.

Fill the bucket with warm water and dilute a reasonable amount of soap in it. Immerse your scrub brush in the water and use it to scrub the floors and walls of the fireplace. Start from the interiors of the firebox and move outwards. Leave to dry thoroughly.

3. Repair Cracks: Assess all sides of the fireplace. Look fo cracks and mark them using a chalk.

Repair these cracks using a sealant. Fllow the instructions of the manufacturer.

4. Install Decorative Trim: Bring your fireplace back to life by installing decorative trim. You may also want to add a mantle.

It is advised to consult your plans of updating the fireplace with professional.

Before you go to the nearby hardware store, make sure to get the exact dimensions of your fireplace.

5. Paint Your Fireplace: Painting the fireplace is the easiest and most inexpensive way to revamp it. Pick a color that is going to be in harmony with the color of the surrounding area. Consider painting the fireplace with the color that is going to make it pop, but be careful and make sure it is still going to work well with the rest of the room.

Cover the parts that you don’t want to be splashed with paint. If you have a mantle, consider applying urethane instead of paint. Follow the manufacturer instructions. Leave to dry completely.

6. Insert Candles: The fireplace can still be a warm spot in your home even though it won’t be burning logs anymore. Simply insert large candles into the firebox to create dramatic lighting.

Make sure to put the candles on a metal tray before inserting them into the firebox. Make sure the distance is sufficient to avoid accidents.

7. Beautify Your Mantle: Put some interesting objects on the mantle. These could be framed photos, vases or art pieces. The possibilities are limitless. Some people hang large pictures or mirrors over the mantle, while others use the space for the flat TV.

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