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Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips

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What to do when you want a garden but don’t want the upkeep? Opt for low maintenance landscaping! Follow our tips below so you can have a beautiful garden space with minimal work!

Remove Excess Plants – the more you have the more work you must do to maintain each one. Keep or plant low maintenance plants remembering that having similar plants will help establish a theme.

Remove the Lawn – Lawns need regular mowing and edging to keep their appearance tidy, you can pave these spaces or cover them with decking or gravel, any of these will reduce your outdoor work. Fake turf is also available at reasonable prices and eliminates the need mow!

Turn these spaces into outdoor entertainment areas with seating and tables to fill the space.

Simplify the Lawn – If you like the look of lawn, ensuring it’s a simple shape will assist in cutting down your maintenance time. Strips of lawn or simple rectangles are much easier to maintain than irregular shaped areas.

Handy Watering Systems – installing sprinkler systems or pop up sprinklers will also cut out the need for you to walk around and water the garden regularly. If these options are too pricey, try to line up your outside taps with your garden areas so you don’t have to walk too far with the hose.

Pergolas – a great Aussie garden addition, look great, are functional, require little maintenance and can be decorated with potted plants.

Stay Away From:

  • Staining Fences – it’s a great way to tie in your fence with your outdoor wooden furniture but has to be done over and over as the stain wears due to the weather
  • Water Features – they look lovely but require pretty regular cleaning and clearing.
  • Huge Lawns - mowing, mowing and more mowing
  • Seasonal Plants – annuals, vegetable gardens and anything grown from seed require your TLC. Go for evergreens or research region specific plants that will thrive in your area.

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